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Sweet Spicy Girl Medium Hot Sauce from Davez Foodz

  The first sauce out of the kitchens of Davez Foodz is Sweet Spicy Girl. All natural and handmade in small batches, Sweet Spicy Girl features fresh picked peppers. Owner David Ridderbusch has crafted a beautiful bright re...

Huy Fong Foods’ Sambal Oelek (and Chili Garlic Sauce)

First off, I admit to not being an expert on Sambal, the exalted chile-based condiment originating from Southeast Asia. But I do know good taste, and I’m convinced that food traditions that have endured hundreds of years deserv...

Hot Sauce

Saso Roasted Red Pepper Chipotle Sauce

I wish this sauce was fresher - had it not been sitting on the shelf at the store for so long, it may have been delicious

The Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Smoked Chipotle Chilli Sauce

Here have another sauce from the ever growing range at The Wiltshire Chilli Farm. This time it is made around one of my favourite Chillies, the Chipotle, which isn’t the variety; it is actually the name for a smoked Jalapeno.


Review – Volcanic Peppers Lava Chocolate Lightning Hot Sauce

Volcanic Peppers is a company owned by Timothy Bader and based in Omaha. They have made their name known with their range of chile powders called Volcano Dust, made from the hottest smoked and dried peppers. Now the company al...

Ka-Ranch Hot Sauce

Ka-Ranch hot sauce has the distinction of being the very first product I get the privilege to review free of charge. It wasn’t sent to me from Ka-Ranch, but it came from a good friend of mine who’d seen Ka-Ranch’s booth at R...


Review – Crosbie’s Hot Sauce

Another "all-purpose" hot sauce coming your way, this time courtesy of Crosbie's Hot Sauce, based out of Philadelphia, PA. The bottle's label makes the claim of this being the "World's #1 All-Natural Hot Sauce". I don't think...

Review – High River Sauces Top Fuel Verde Hot Sauce

This product is the brainchild of Steve Seabury of High River Sauces (I had previously reviewed his Tears of the Sun Hot Sauce and Hellacious Hot Sauce), Ratt lead singer Stephen Pearcy, and Chef Chris Santos. Seabury has hit p...


CaJohns Mongoose

You can probably tell by the picture of the bottle of CaJohn’s Mongoose that it’s quite a bit less than full. Well, that should be taken as a good sign of what I think of it. If CaJohn’s Mongoose weren’t a …

Review – Smoke Canyon Gourmet Smoke Roasted Jalapeno Sauce

You think you've come across a great new product this year? I'm about to raise the ante on ya. This little baby was submitted to me a few months back by a fellow Missourian, Jay Abbey. It's called Smoke Canyon Gourmet Smoke ...