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Small Business Branding Opportunity – Winner!

After reviewing all of the great entries for the Small Biz. Branding Opportunity post that we put up just over 2 weeks ago, a winner has been chosen. And the winner is… DEVIL DUCK Mr. Duck will be receiving a complete lin...

HSB Reader Questions

From time to time here, I like to post a few reader questions/comments that I get behind the scenes – because your chilehead feedback is often the best answer to these questions, so here goes…(all questions posted a...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket

Hot Sauce News

Small Business Branding Opportunity

Are you an up and coming hot sauce maker? Do you have a few sauces that you think can use some spicing up in the branding department? If so let us know as we have a great opportunity here. We have just been notified that a prof...


Merry Christmas Chileheads!

Merry Christmas to all the chileheads out there! May your holidays be fiery and your New Year spicy! the Ex & I found this chile pepper wreath at the 2007 Houston Hot Sauce festival, made by The Wreath Store. Check out the...

Going Where No Hot Sauce Has Gone Before – Episode 7

Hiram of Hongry Hawg Hot Sauces (makers of Bayou Love Potion #9 and more) just sent in these amazing pictures of his Bayou Fireball Hot Sauce up in space! The foil backed label had been removed and replaced with a small printed...

Hot Sauce News

Updates & Assorted Misc…

Alrighty, I’m trying to write this from a hotel in Chicago, so it will be brief as the connection is spotty at best. I just wanted to drop a short note to everyone out there to let folks know whats going on. Lately I̵...

HSB Blind Reviews

Behind the scenes on the HSB, a lot of attention has been paid to reader feedback and outcrys. Chris K suggested the idea of “blind reviews” to me over 2 years ago and after much discussion and many ideas getting to...

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Happy 3rd Birthday HSB!

We’ve survived another year! Just like last year and the year before – we’re celebrating late again, but it’s better late then never. Admittedly, I only remembered this year because it’s so close t...
Hot Sauce News

HSB Updated

Everyone – Just updated to WP 2.3 – please let me know if anything is broken or not working properly. Thanks!