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Simpson’s Seeds – Great Wight Bite Chilli Sauce

Now I have very fond memories of the Isle of Wight, golden sands, long summers, coloured sands and dinosaurs slowly falling into the sea! The island was my parents holiday destination of choice through most of the 80′s, a...

Dorset Dragon Salsa

Name: Dorset Dragon SalsaCreator: Simpson's SeedsWebsite: Dorset Chilli FestivalPepper / Sauce Type: Yellow Congo Scotch BonnetSimpson's Seeds sauces always have somethin...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Snuffling Badger

Name: Snuffling BadgerCreator: Matt SimpsonWebsite: From: Dorset Chilli FestivalType: All RoundMatt's sauces are always a little different from the run of the mill, his sauces remin...


Name: DarksideCreator: Simpsons SeedsWebsite: From: Simpsons SeedsType: All RoundI think out of all of Matt's sauces this has to be my favourite. It's a 12% black and chocolate haba...


Simpsons Seeds – Development of the Fruitburst

Some years ago, 2007 to be precise, we were growing the Trinidad Seasoning, a very tasty Habanero, but there was some variability in the size and shape of the pods, so we made an attempt to make it a bit more consistent. This i...