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BBQ Sauce Reviews

Rocky’s Hot Sauce – BAR-B-QUE

This week, I have the honor of tasting Rocky's Bar-B-Que sauce. In the past, I have reviewed barbecue sauces that packed some heat, but it is interesting to find something that essentially considers itself a barbecue-flavored ...

Red Robin Ghost Pepper Burgers

James Wreck reviews Red Robin's new ghost pepper burgers. The Cry Baby Burger comes with ghost ketchup & the Fiery Ghost Burger comes with ghost pepper sauce. |


Mama Africa’s Zulu Relish – Jalapeno, Lemon and Garlic

With a curious blend of parts, seemingly more America meets Europe, the depth of ingredients is much more than expected from just the initial label front reading, and then it dawns on me that South Africa was quite the trade ro...