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Mr Vikki’s Hot Stuff

Name: Hot Stuff Scotch Bonnet & Mango SauceCreator: Mr VikkisWebsite: From: Dorset Chilli FestivalType: Scotch BonnetA very tasty sauce, described as a "fragrant high base ingredient...

Velsi’s – Fiery Mixed Chilli Pickle

Sherry Almeida from Velsi's Spicy Goan Pickles and Curry Sauces has sent us her 'Fiery Mixed Chilli Pickle' to review. Sherry's roots are from Goa, one of the few parts of India that was never under British rule, but was under ...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Darth Naga Vs The Ribmans – Holy Fuck & Christ On A Bike

eHello my chilli padawanz!! This little tale (review) begins a long long time ago, in a galaxy...hmm actually it was back in April, in london when we had the chilli boys outing (remember that video?). Anyway, while on the chill...

Hot Headz Jamaican Jerk Style Chilli Ketchup

Here we have a slightly different slant on the Chilli Ketchup theme, this time its main flavouring is Jerk, I am not very well experienced with Jerk Seasoning so this is a refreshing change for me. For those unaccustomed like m...