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Recipe – Fairy Fee’s Candied Chillies

Chillies are very versatile, we all know that. There are now so many varieties in different shapes, sizes, colours, heat levels and flavour. People are always looking for new ways to showcase the Chilli in its best light, so wh...

Goonie Nick’s Habanero Maple Syrup

If you got the chance to see my review on Sweet Agony Habanero InCINNerator Cinnamon Syrup you should be able to discern that I am quite interested and motivated to try and create a habanero syrup of my own. My goal is to be ab...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Review: Sweet Agony InCINNerator Habanero Cinnamon Syrup

Review: Sweet Agony InCINNerator Habanero Cinnamon Syrup Well finally the Northeast is in for some snow! It seems like a Valentine’s Day Blizzard may be upon us as early as Tuesday. I am hoping this is a typical 2 day nor...

Tennessee Whiskey- Flapjack and Whiskey Red Cinnamon Syrup

Preface: Great SCOTT! Syrup? To be honest I procrastinated this review because I know hot sauce but I don’t know syrup. I’m sure there are some people who can tap a tree like I can tap a keg (root beer) and enjoy the sweet swee...