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Win a Year’s Supply of Tabanero

Want to win a year’s supply of Tabanero? You know you do! What if I told you that could happen just by buying a bottle? That’s right! It’s that easy! |
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Win a Sizzling Year’s Supply of Tabanero!

From the folks at Tabanero It’s August, and things are heating up! Being the heat lovers that we are, we couldn’t help but wonder… What if we kept the fiery spirit of August going for an entire year? How hot would that be? So w...

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Tabanero Hot Sauce Debut Delayed Due to Severe Flooding in Mexico

BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 8 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group, the PR firm for TABANERO(TM) sauce, said today that its scheduled February launch will be delayed to later in 2008 due to the severe flooding in Tabasco state wher...
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Tabanero Hot Sauce

If your a subscriber to Chile Pepper Magazine, then perhaps you’ve already ordered the ‘free’ bottle of Tabanero Hot Sauce that was displayed on page 25 of the December 2005 Holiday issue. My first thought was...