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Chilli Pepper Company – Hot Summer Chilli Sauce

In the year since I’ve been part of the reviewing team at the ChileFoundry, one of the names that has struck fear into my mouth with his potent products is Ged Fowler. Well known in chilli circles, Ged has brought us some crack...

ChileFoundry Newsletter – August 2012

August has been a confusing month, it is when we have the most chilli festivals and there is a lot of work going on organising events etc, but this month has ended with the very sad news of the passing of Peter Seymour. Peter w...


The Chilli Pepper Company – Bullet To The Brain & Pure Pain Paste Reviews

Right then guys, a little pointer for you. When you are asked to do a double review, make sure it is of a mild product. Not in the case of me and Cameron doing two product in one video for The Chilli Pepper Company www.chilesee...

El Diablo

Name: El DiabloCreator: The Chilli Pepper CompanyWebsite: From: Grillstock market stallType: All RoundA lovely smelling sauce that brings the heat straight away with a...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


North East Chilli Fest 2012 Report and Pictures

When the organisers launched the dates for the 1st North East Chilli Festival to be held in July promising that it would be one of the summer’s hottest event.