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The Gates in Central Park

Okay, I’ve ran across a lot of blogs recently with posts regarding the Gates in Central Park, so I thought I would add my two cents. The wife and I went to see the Gates on the Sunday after they opened, so day 2 of the display. It was a beautiful day out and we went to the Natural History Museum afterwards – yeah, we’re geeks. Anyways, on to the pictures of the Gates:

Entrance @ Columbus Circle
A view of the entrance to the Gates @ Columbus Circle. We were there early in the morning and there is still a mob of people, something that is very weird on a Sunday morning.
A close up of the Gates
When I first heard about the Gates, I couldn’t really picture them in my head. Now I can and they are ugly.
Gates in a row
I think there’s something like 9 or so miles of these things. 9 miles of gates. Yuck
Vertical view of the Gates
Okay, the Gates are huge. Really really tall people can barely touch the bottom of the curtains. I’m not one of them.
Another view of the Gates in NYC
Another picture of the Gates from far away. Lots of Gates. Lots of Orange Gates
The Lake - Frozen
Yep, there are lakes in NYC. Okay, so it’s not much of a lake, more like a pond, but it’s frozen and I like this picture.

I don’t like the Gates, but then again I don’t mind them either. They are one person’s idea of artistic expression. An expensive idea at that. Couldn’t they do something better with that money, like build a shelter for the homeless or support inner city youth programs. They could have built an awesome art studio.

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