Posted March 18, 2007 by Creator in Makers

The Habby Horse Has Landed


Our newest product, THE HABBY HORSE (Habanero Horseradish), is now available to the general public. We are very proud of our latest release. It took over a year of development to perfect this product. It is quite unique being that it is shelf stable UNREFRIGERATED, and at the same time is ALL-NATURAL! Try to find something like this on a shelf, I dare you!

Anyway, this product was The Hit at the Fiery Foods show in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past March 2-4, and people were lining up just to get kicked by the horse, it was wonderful.

With nearly an endless list of uses, some of the more common were cocktail sauce, on prime rib, straight up on oysters or clams, and perhaps if it “accidentally” wound up in a Bloody Mary”. It comes in a HUGE 8 ounce jar, enough for even the most masochistic individual. It’s a steal at $7.00. Get it now before we reduce the size of these monsters!