Posted February 22, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Ultimate Blog Sauce Label Design Draft – 2007 Edition

Signed Ultimate Blog Sauce Labels
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After some discussion in the thread about the 2006 Ultimate Blog Sauce labels, which will begin being handed out at the Fiery Foods Show in NM, Darrell (of Big Dawg Salsas) generously offered to help with an updated design for the 2007 edition.

Since this idea was concieved by the HSB bloggers for the HSB bloggers, I wanted to make sure that we got HSBer feedback on the new design. So what does everyone think?

For those that are new (or newish) to the HSB, the Ultimate Blog Sauce is a set of labels that went around the world and about 40 HSBers signed each label. One set of the labels is still missing in action, but 1/2 the labels are complete and ready to be affixed to the bottles in NM. All the proceeds from the sale of the Ultimate Blog Sauce Bottles go to the American Cancer Society as well – this project has truely been a united effort on the part of many chileheads. And I can only imagine the next round getting that much bigger.

For the next round of labels, a lot of bloggers will be able to sign the labels at the Fiery Foods Show so that will alleviate some of the problems with the labels going around the country to much. And when we do send them out, I’m thinking less labels in each batch and more sets going around. What do you guys think?

Nick Lindauer

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