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Zest Fest 2006 – Initial Roll Call

Zest Fest 2006

Alright, who from the HSB is actually going to Zest Fest? With less then 2 weeks to go, I’m hoping all your travel plans have been made and your starting to prepare your livers and your tongues. So whose going? Leave a comment (let us know if you have an HSB shirt) and we’ll get the list ready and brief those on the list about the HSB team picture and outings….

HSB Attendees:
Nick & the Wife (Amersuites Stockyards)
Three Hot Tamales (Country Inn and Suites)
Chris K (Country Inn and Suites)
the truth (Country Inn and Suites)
CaJohn (Amersuites Stockyards)
MSK (Amersuites Stockyards)
Don “chili” Pesta (Amersuites Stockyards)
Loco Luna (local)
pmac & wife (Amersuites Stockyards)
Adam & wife (local)
Jim Campbell (Amersuites Stockyards)
BLP Labels (Amersuites Stockyards)
Sparky & Spike
The Danny Cash Crew (Amersuites Stockyards)
Vic & Wendy (Raddisson)
Scotty B’s (Days Inn)
AZ Rich & Jack (Microtel Inns and Suites, Stockyards)
Ryan & wife
Mr. & Mrs. eman (Amersuites Stockyards)
Cheffy (Amersuites Stockyards)
Captain Thom & 1st mate Nancy (Radisson)
Aaron (Amerisuites)
The Big Show
Nando’s (Clive Rock)
Chuk Hell
ErricJ (local)

Also: We’ll be doing a photo op on Friday or Saturday for all the HSBers – make sure to be there and get in on the action! (more details to come)

Nick Lindauer

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