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The HotSauceBlog.com is the leading source of unbiased product reviews and news – all geared towards your target market. Readers of the HSB can interact with each post, building repeat visits and visitor loyalty. In fact, over 30% of the visitors are return viewers – and these guys are the core of the hot sauce industry. Not only is the HSB read by consumers, but industry leaders as well. More information on HSB stats is available here. All the traffic (5,000+ visits a day) comes from natural search or direct access (folks who have bookmarked or directly type in the web address).

The Hot Sauce Blog: Often copied, but never equaled!

How It Works:
Ad units on HotSauceBlog.com are not rotated, so if you buy a unit for 3 months – you get 100% share of that space for those 3 months. With the new HSB, you can choose a specific category or review type for your ads to run next to, if you so choose. This ensures that the readers you reach are as highly targeted as possible. If you have any questions or would like a custom solution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Available Units

Hot Sauce Blog Advertising

Pricing (per month – discounts for multiple months)

Ad Unit
1 Section
Site Wide
(all pages)
Header Banner (468 x 60)
Footer Banner (468 x 60)
Half Banner (234 x 60)
Square Ad (250 x 250)
Medium Rectangle (300 x 250)

Agreement Terms:
Payment: Payments must be made in advance via PayPal.
Renewal: You will receive a notice via email when your ad is approaching expiration. At that time you can choose to renew or relinquish your ad space.

If you have any additional questions or are interested in placing an ad on the HotSauceBlog.com, you can use the contact form

Legal Stuff:
The HotSauceBlog.com retains the right to refuse ad placements for any reason. You will not be charged or billed if your ad unit is refused prior to placement. If your ad runs and then is removed prior to expiration, you will be refunded only the remaining balance of your placement.