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“The Son Of Sam” (Shivji) Arthritis Trek Auction

“The Son Of Sam” (Shivji) Arthritis Trek

Jamil Shivji, son and right hand man to Sam Shivji of Hatari Bros. has taken it upon himself to undertake a somewhat torturous trek in order to raise money for the Canadian Arthritis Society.

Jamil will be hiking the Incan Trail with altitudes of up to 15000 feet. The hike is from Cuzco to the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru in hopes of raising $8800 for the cause. His journey begins August 8th and should be a 4 day trek.

Jamil’s sister has been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was 11 years old and Jamil knows the importance of research and wants to do his part.

HSBer’s can help the cause by making a donation which will help Jamil’s sister and the many others that have this disease here

Uncle Big has decided to sweeten the pot on behalf of his compatriot by offering a once in a lifetime offer to HSBer’s. He will be offering #2 of 3 Uncle Big’s Serial Killer Private Reserves Prototypes (hand signed, numbered and noted as a prototype) with a 5 oz tasting bottle up for an Ebay auction.

As well, Sam Shivji creator of Acid Rain, Alberta Crude, Mother Of All Hot Sauce, and co-conspirator in the UBK line, will be contributing a signed, waxed and very special recipe version of Mother Of All Hot Sauces.

This auction will also include a Blair’s Hemp N Hot a Blair’s Smokin’ Hot Pot, and Ain’t Milk to sweeten the deal just that much more.

If any other makers, collectors or Joe Six Pack’s want to contribute bottles or other fiery foods related collectibles to this auction, get in touch with Uncle Big ( and he will add it to the auction on your behalf.

Uncle Big will start the auction on Thursday, June 14th so get in touch with the big man before then to be included.

Let’s help “The Son of Sam” Jamil Shivji kick the crap out of Arthritis by show support for this fellow chilehead.

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