Posted May 9, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Collectibles

#1’s to MSK from the Three Hot Tamales

The Three Hot Tamales would like to first say thank you to all chiliheads and HSB’ers who have been so supportive of us and for welcoming us with open arms into this world of all things HOT! We have met so many fantastic people so far on this short journey and are thankful for each and every one of you. There is one man in particular who we we feel an especially close connection with. He’s a good friend to all chiliheads alike, MSK, thats right, the Mississippi Sauce King himself. Now, MSK has mad it clear that autographed and numbered collectible hot sauce is a passion of his. Not out of greed but ultimately to benefit a charity of his choice. The Three Hot Tamales would like to be a part of this “greater” passion for our beliefs run along those same lines. We have decided to donate all number 1’s to MSK and these are the first two. They are prototype bottles from our first run and were never sold. We have sent Nick bottles #1 – #24 all signed and with the understanding that MSK recieves #1 as priority. Nick, as usual, has done all that he was able to help us follow through with this request. Thanks Nick and thanks MSK for keeping in mind there are much “greater” things in life than our own collections. Keep it real and keep it real HOT!

Kristi, Jodie and Lisa

The Three Hot Tamales

Nick Lindauer

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