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20 Pepper Cranberry Jam

20 Pepper Cranberry Jam
20 Pepper Cranberry Jam

Ingredients: Sugar, cranberries, chile pepper blend, water, pectin, vinegar, citric acid, butter (less than 1% as antifoam).

Alright, so I took a shortcut for Thanksgiving dinner… I skipped the cranberries. With just a small group eating here and knowing that I would be cooking in a kitchen the size of a cubical, I took them off of my must cook list earlier in the week. But as luck would have it, a sample of 20 Pepper Cranberry Jam landed on my doorstop the day before the turkey fiesta.

I was already familiar with Red Lion’s 20 Pepper Hot Sauce, so I knew I could expect at least a bit of heat out of this jam. The smell of unidentified chile peppers is masked with the sweetness of the cranberries. My nose almost stared drooling.

Initial Taste: Strong tart cranberry flavor followed by the heat of the peppers. The heat is quite minimal, not even enough for the nose water works to start up, but the heat that there is works nicely with the cranberries. The jam is interspersed with bit of fruit and peppers, giving the jam a nice thick texture without the large chunks.

Final Verdict:
This stuff was made for the turkey leftovers of chileheads across the world. I slathered the jam on the turkey in lieu of the typical cranberry sauce and couldn’t have been happier. I was so full my back teeth were floating, but I was already thinking about making myself up a turkey sandwich with a nice layer of this 20 Pepper Cranberry Jam. Seriously, great stuff for the holidays!

Red Lion Spicy Foods Company was established in 1998 by Chip Welsh. Chip had been growing chiles in his home garden in Red Lion, PA for several years, using the crop to produce a wide variety of fresh, home-made chile products. His salsa was a hit with friends and neighbors, and the hobby soon turned into a small business.
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