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2005 Fancy Food Show – NYC

If your attending the NYC Fancy Food Show this Sunday through Tuesday, then you’re also probably recieving a lot of food related mailings. In the past few weeks we’ve recieved over 125 mailings, from catalogs to post cards, all from exhibitors that will be at the show. It’s like being flooded with email spam, but it’s in my tiny real life mailbox that doesn’t sport the same 1GB storage area that Gmail does. And I don’t think the people with the rum cakes were paying attention when they sent my 5 of the same mailing. I’m also pretty sure I didn’t need to recieve 1 mailing a day for a week about the same napkin company (or any napkin company). If anything, the mass mailings have made me cross those booths off my list.

But alas, finally a good one came through. Below is a mailing from Blair over @ ExtremeFood.com – the ads not specifically related to the Fancy Foods Show, it just arrived on a day when I’d also recieved 12 more from miscellaneous folks, which explains the venting above.

Now that’s targeted advertising!

If your in the NYC area, check out the show this Sunday – Tuesday, the cost will be $60 a person since you didn’t pre-register before May 23rd, but that $60 will get you 3 days of free food. I think that alone is worth it.

Also, unless your a member of the press you cannot take any pictures and no samples are to be taken out of the Jacob K. Javits Center. Double Bummer. But then again, it’s not a Fiery Food specific show, so I’m still unsure about just how many sauce makers will be there. But at least there will be plenty of variety there, last year the show had over 2,400 exhibitors with over 70,000 products! That’s a lot of sampling.

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