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2007 Scovies: Call for Entries!

“Winning the Grand Prize of the 2006 Scovie Awards has put my company (Ashburn Sauce Company) and myself into another league in the sauce world and has opened a lot more doors.” –Willard Ashburn, Ashburn Sauce Company

The Scovie Awards Competition continues to grow in size, with more than 650 products entered in 62 categories in 2006, including tasting and product marketing and advertising. This is your invitation to enter your products, ads, marketing materials and Web Sites in the 2007 Scovies. Launch your product into the future by promoting your product as a Scovie winner to buyers, distributors, retailers, and consumers! Entry deadline is September 15, 2006.

Here’s Why You Should Enter
It happens all the time: manufacturers suddenly begin to get inquiries and orders from buyers they’ve never heard of before. When they ask how the buyer found out about their products, often the reply is: “We saw that you were a Scovie winner on the Fiery-Foods & Barbecue Super Site.” There are so many products available these days that buyers look for unique reasons to favor one brand over another and being a Scovie winner provides a unique distinction that sets your product apart from the others. Even if you’ve won in past Scovie competitions, there are always benefits to winning again. It is great being a past winner, but being a current winner is better.

    All winners receive:

      A free full listing in the Scovie Award Winner’s Guide, running in Fiery Foods & BBQ magazine.
      Extensive promotion through the Fiery-Foods & Barbecue Super Site at
      National promotion through our public relations firm, Shiroma Southwest.
      A personalized certificate of achievement.
      A winner’s banner in digital format that can be used on labels, ads, Web Sites and more.
      A 2006 Scovie logo for use in publicity or on labels..
    Additional Tasting Category Prizes

      Grand Prize Winner (highest overall score) receives a full page ad in Fiery-Foods & BBQ magazine and a personalized banner.
      First Place winners will receive a 2′ by 3′ banner.
      Second and Third Place winners will receive a 1′ by 2′ banner.
      Each winning company will receive 100 free gold Scovie winner stickers (additional stickers may be ordered at a reasonable rate).

How To Enter
Submitting your Scovies entry is easy: Please complete the Entry Form (PDF format), fill it out and send it in with your complete entry, which includes:
FOUR Product samples
Completed entry form
Appropriate entry fees.

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