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2007 Zest Fest Roll Call

Alright, who is actually going to Zest Fest? With less then 2 weeks to go, I’m hoping all your travel plans have been made and your starting to prepare your livers and your tongues. So whose going? Leave a comment and we’ll get the list ready and brief those on the list about the HSB team picture and outings”¦.

Nick & the Ex (Amersuites Stockyards) (Thursday arrival)
CaJohn (Amersuites Stockyards)
Cheffy (barring any blizzards or hurricanes)
Defcon Creator
Don (Chili) Pesta
Jim Campbell
Danny Cash & Crew
Sam (Z & Z Honey Co.)
Tony Legner and the Cat-5 Crew
E.Z. Earl

Also: We’ll be doing a photo op on Friday or Saturday for all the HSBers – make sure to be there and get in on the action! (more details to come)

Poker Night (Saturday Night):
We’ve reserved the same conference room for Saturday night from 7pm to 5am – however, they are removing the breakfast buffet and putting in a bar, so we’ll be able to purchase beer and wine there (until 2am) but we will not be able to bring in our own. But we’re all adults, so everyone figure that one out for themselves. To play in the poker game, the cost will be $10-$15 FREE per person (we have to cover the $250 room rental charge). Entry “fee” into the game is 1 bottle of hot sauce (of your choosing). As with the first tournament, we will order trophies and the winners (and biggest loser) will all get prizes.

Saturday Night Poker Night is being sponsored by the good folks at Hot Shots. A big thanks to Dave, Mike & the rest of the crew at Hot Shots – we’ll see you there!

Nick Lindauer

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