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3gatos Sneak Peek Scheduled for Downtown Hillsborough’s Harry Potter Day!

To coincide with the release of the seventh and final Harry Potter Book, Brick Alley Books and Historic Downtown Hillsborough, North Carolina are teaming up for Harry Potter Day, one of the most extensive celebrations of the book series in the state. Downtown merchants are expected to participate, with business owners dressed as members of the Hogwarts faculty, and stores and restaurants transformed into Daigon Alley, Hogsmeade, and other locales in the Harry Potter Books.

During Harry Potter Day, customers will be treated with a sneak peek of Hillsborough’s newest store- and the nation’s newest Hot Shoppe- 3gatos Fire and Rice. For one day only, 3gatos will become Professor Snape’s Potions Closet, complete with the latest in Hogwart’s potions to cure what ails you. Have an upset stomach? Try Colon Cleaner! Want to speak Southern? Try Southern Twang! See our complete list of symptoms and the potions to cure them.

The Event will begin at 10pm on Friday, July 20th at Brick Alley books to coincide with the midnight release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows.

Then witness the transformation of Churton Street into Harry Potter Central from 11am to 5pm, Saturday July 21st.

For more info call Brick Alley Books at 919-245-0062 or go to the 3gatos website @ www.3gatosfireandrice.com

List of Symptoms and Cures:
Have Bad Luck? – Dave’s Lucky Nuts
Want to drive an enemy crazy? – Dave’s Insanity Popcorn
Poisoned Apple Potion – Salsa De Muerte
Become a Powerful Astrologer – Pluto’s Jerk for Beef or Fish
Want to stop Speaking like a Yankee – Southern Twang Grilling Sauce
Too Slow??? – Uncle Dougie’s Little Zip Mustard
Trying to Kill Weeds – Weed Killer
Trying to Kill Plants – Acid Rain
Want to make People Fuggehtaboutit – Blair’s Jersey Death
Want to Stay up Later – Blair’s 2am Reserve
Been Bitten by Sharks – Captain Redbeard’s Garlic Sharkbite
Upset Stomach – Colon Cleaner
To make someone hot under the collar- Fire Ant Juice Drive Your Parents Insane (a little while)- Temporary Insanity
Scared of Alligators – Gator Sizzlin’ (while playing with the real
‘Gator Foot)
Need Extra Energy – Endorphin Rush
Need Luck – Luck O’ The Irish Sauce (with the Lucky Rabbit’s Foot)
Want to be Smarter than Every One Else- Give them Liquid Stoopid
Want to be more Cautious? ““Marie Sharp’s Beware Potion
Feeling Too Hot – Frostbite
Feeling Scared – Atlanta Braves
Got Injuries? – Gecko Gary’s Ouchpotle
Want to Know the Future? – Read the leaves in Green Bandit Rosemary Hot
Trouble Sleeping – Green Bandit’s Cilantro Habanero at Bedtime*
Have High Blood Pressure? – Sunny’s Hot Hot Cocoa with Green Chile*
Have a cold? -Cranberry Toad Sweat*
Have Gout? -Mary’s Cherry Rub*
Have sore joints – Wasabi Peanut from the Peanut Roasters*
Breaking out with Zits? – Klamath River Strawberry Horse Bite*
Sore Throat and Laryngitis – Bryon Bay Chile Coconut Sauce w/Curry &

* Underlined Items actually do have medicinal Properties for the ailments listed. The rest are some fun ones to play with during Harry Potter Day!

And other Assorted Ingredients to make your own potions include:
Satan’s Blood, Crazy Jerry’s Mustard Gas, Joe Perry’s Boneyard Brew, Crazy Jerry’s Lizard Eyes, and Blair’s Death Rain!

Nick Lindauer

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