Posted July 10, 2006 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Events

52nd Summer Fancy Food Show – Quick Recap

The 52nd Summer Fancy Food Show is in full swing, going for other 2 days (Monday & Tuesday) in case you missed out on Sunday. The wife and I met up with the Creator & Createss in the lobby of the Javits Center bright and early on Sunday and proceeded to walk around and ingest the most random palate of samples possible. The Creator & I hunted for the spiciest items we could find while the wives beelined for sweets.

    Only a few fiery vendors were on hand (that I came across):

  • Blair’s Sauces & Snacks
  • Dave’s Gourmet
  • Porky’s Gourmet
  • Art of Chipotle
  • Nando’s
  • Tabasco

Blair had prototypes of his new wing sauces on display (pictures to follow). Dave was sampling his Smokin’ Nuts and Porky’s Gourmet was sampling their entire line along with their new line of Hank Williams Jr. Sauces.

Art of Chipotle has doubled their product line to include a black bean dip, an enchilada sauce & some gourmet salsas. The Baja Bruschetta Salsa features a ton of basil & the Pineapple Mojito Salsa tastes like a mojito on your chip. Tom is still tweaking with the recipes before they are completely ready for market, so stay tuned for the official release.

The day was long and even though we stayed till 4ish, we didn’t cover the entire show. We made it through the 1st level and about 1/2 of the second before having to call it quits for the day. The show is definately worth the entry price, even if your just looking at all the displays and tasting random food.

Nick Lindauer

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