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Big Thanks for Uncle Brutha's Review

This was left as a comment, but I thought it deserved a little more attention.

Thanks for the glowing review of Fire Sauce No. 9! I am taking such comments from a connoisuer like yourself as the highest of compliments.

When I introduced the products in early ’04, I was fortunate enough to secure a vending space at the historic Eastern Market on Capital Hill in Washington, DC. Every weekend, you can find there a collection of produce and specialty venders and thousands of visitors from around the country as well as around the world.

This past weekend, several people came to both purchase (based on your review) and let me know that I had been written up on HSB. I was thrilled to learn of this as I’ve been so busy lately that I hadn’t even heard of HSB. (What a terrific site!) But I just wanted to clarify a couple of things brought up in your review.

First, with regard to the questionable nature of the folklore, admitedly, I’ve received every possible question ranging from, “is that really true” to “how could you put something so obviously WRONG on your label like that??!!” I needed to fill space so I thought why not get a little chuckle out of folks while I’m at it. (I guess that’s why I’m making hot sauce and not telling jokes for a living!) While a few people have actually found it amusing, you’ll be happy to know that the decision had already been made to drop the folklore in order to make room for acknowledgements. (Here is where I’ll admit to being a bit behind on a few things like being on top of keeping my website updated.)

To date, Uncle Brutha’s Fire Sauces have accumulated a total of 16 awards since September of 2004. Along with the 2nd place for No. from the 2005 Fiery Food Challenge, both sauces won first place awards in this years Cajun Hot Sauce festival’s Hot Sauce competition and we were named Grand Champion/Hot Sauce Manufacturer of the year with 8 total awards ( for a complete listing.) Fire Sauce No. 10 picked up another second place for XXX hot and First place for Best Hot Sauce General-All catagories at the 2005 America’s Zesty Best Professional Food Competion ( Most recently, Fire Sauce No. 9 received three second place awards while No. 10 got a third place as well as 1st Place Golden Chile award for Hot Sauce XXX Hot in the 2006 Fiery Food Challenge ( We’re very proud of these acknowledements as they have served to fuel our tenacity and determination to keep moving forward.

Finally, I would also like to apologize for the mis-placed sticker. It was most definiely placed in error which has already been addressed and will hopefully not happen again. While having been disappointed when No. 9 has not won in every competition we don’t believe it necessary to mis-lead anyone as we strongly believe the flavor sells itsself. Thanks again for the glowing review. I hope you enjoy the No. 10 equally as much.

– Uncle Brutha

Nick Lindauer

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