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Cutting Room Floor Contest Entries

Some entries for the Cutting Room Floor contest are up for all to see! I recognize Graham’s, Vic & Wendys, Joe & Lindas, Ryan’s, Scott’s and more then a few others.

Remember, you can send in your collections to our Hot Sauce Collector’s Corner and let chileheads from around the world drool over your collections. Submissions to the hot sauce collector’s corner can be sent to: nick ‘@’ – just send in some pictures of your collection and tell us a little bit about it and we’ll do the rest!

Blair’s newsletter is below:

Dear ChiliPal,

First of all let me say how impressed I am with the responses we have received thus far for the “Cutting Room Floor” contest. I have decided to create a new section that will continue to grow over the coming months. It will contain letters, emails, thoughts, photos, personal stuff, even an internet dating place (You would not believe how many requests I have had for this.)

In the near future I will link up Chiliheads and maybe even make some matches. How bout a Fiery Chick from Europe meeting a Chilihead in Texas (You know who you are sharing a common passion for spice) We are a unique breed. This section is for you, my chiliheads, the people like myself who have been told they are nutz!

I know I have. I thrive on it. I thrive on the fact when I told someone in 1989 that a store wanted to buy some of my “Death Sauce” they said “who would ever want that? You’re crazy spending all your time and your savings!” ($600.)

Well as I always like to say F-um. I have always felt a connection to my chiliheads way more than selling something. That is the least of it. My Chiliheads are the root of this company, while we sell worldwide and have national companies involved…the Chiliheads that I have daily interaction with are my inspiration for all. And to you I say thank you. FEEL ALIVE!


PS: The new “Collect” section is only a small sampling of the entries for “The Cutting Room Floor“. More will be added soon!

Nick Lindauer

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