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7th Houston Hot Sauce Festival

First – I would like to thank all of our Vendors. We could not have a successful event without you. Your participation is what makes the show what it is! I would look pretty stupid standing in the middle of the arena by myself. If I did not make it to your booth personally, I hope one of our staff members did.

We had the largest crowd ever. I’ve been hearing nothing but good reports on sales and the event itself. Setup, the festival, the after party Saturday night”¦ It was a great time. We had a cold front come through (that’s 90 degrees for Texans ““ we’re used to it!) and a breeze which hopefully made it a little more pleasant this year. For the first 6 years we have never had to call in emergency personnel. It was cooler than last year ““ yet it seemed like we had people dropping left and right. Thank goodness it was nothing serious just the vendors burning people up. (Thanks again Jim, Big Dawg, Pat, for running without hesitation to pitch in.)

We will have People’s Choice Awards announced on the website soon. Plus event pictures.

I would also like to give a special thanks to the volunteers. The entire show is run by family and friends who give up their time to raise money for the Stehlin Foundation for Cancer Research. I would like to Thank my Husband T, mom, dad, sister”¦ I’ll stop ““ I’m starting to sound like I just won an Oscar for ‘most dramatic performance.’ Seriously”¦ I could not do it without them as well. We should have some solid numbers soon ““ and a donation announcement for the Stehlin Foundation. Our beverage booths always have a good natured competition for ‘most sales’. I know the East side (Carla/Rene) of the arena sold more beer/soda/water overall then the West side (Juli/Keith). (They’ve all been bugging me to know). BUT, the West side raised $677.00 in tips that they donated back to the Stehlin Foundation. That closes the gap some. LOL.

On a sad note. For those who haven’t heard ““ At around 12:30 a.m. Monday morning, Chip/Old Pueblo’s window was smashed and his truck/trailer was stolen. Inside of the trailer was what was left after the show from both Old Pueblo Distributing’s and CaJohns booths. The truck/trailer was recovered sometime Monday, but the entire contents of the trailer were gone. There is a security tape and Allstate is sending in their own investigative team. HPD thinks the merchandise will end up in flea markets on the North side of town. We’re doing what we can to help. Chip is bunking with us and working on getting the insurance to fix his truck so he can head back to Ohio ““ which should be by the end of the week. It has been a bunch of red tape and stressful. It’s a small world”¦ If anyone hears about stolen hot stuff ““ please contact us.

I should be out of my festival coma soon. A lot of vendors have asked”¦ As soon as I negotiate a 2007 contract with the Houston Farm and Ranch Club we’ll get the vendor agreements out for next year.

Again, thank you to ALL for being there and helping raise money for a wonderful cause.

Carol Borge
Houston Hot Sauce Festival
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