Posted September 20, 2006 by Creator in Collectibles

A few remaining Batch 3’s

Well, we have a small amount of ZERO Batch #3’s left, as well as a couple un-signed ones. I was going to hold on to them for future bartering (and the group looks pretty cool glowing on my shelf), but have decided to share the wealth and let them go. If anyone would like any more of them, they are available, or if you didn’t think you’d e-mail me in time, here’s your chance.
I don’t expect these to last very long as many people originally wanted more than one, now they can.

The DEFCON ZERO Batch #3 is now available!

Well, it’s that time again. Now, here’s how it works. We have 78 bottles available. The first 78 people that respond to this e-mail that are looking to purchase a ZERO, will get the opportunity to do so. Keep in mind, there are now 300+ people looking for these beauties, so act fast! There is a limit of ONE PER PERSON, so as to spread the wealth, so to speak. They are $60.00 plus $10.00 shipping (additional postage charges outside the US Lower 48).

Due to popular demand, and the fact that few, if any people want to crack open their collectors series ZERO bottles, we are happy to announce we also have a limited number of un-signed, un-numbered ½ ounce bottles of ZERO, for personal use. These are $15.00/each. If you would like one, please include a note with your reply that you would. If no note is supplied, you will not be considered for one. There are 60 of these available, and they are on a first come first serve basis as well. They come in cobalt blue ½ ounce bottles, hand dipped in the famous “Deathmatch”-color wax, perhaps a prequel to a future wing eating competition.

So as to avoid confusion, reply to this e-mail address only at I will be deleting any e-mails that go to any other DEFCON mailbox requesting a ZERO Batch #3 or the limited un-signed, un-numbered ½ ounce bottle. If you are one of the lucky ones given the opportunity to purchase a Batch #3, you will receive a return e-mail shortly with a form to fill out. Fill this form out completely and correctly (make SURE it’s the correct address you want it shipped to and the correct email address you want it billed to or complete credit card information if you want to pay by credit card). In turn, if paying via Paypal, you will receive a Paypal invoice. Once the Paypal invoice is received, it MUST BE PAID WITHIN 48 HOURS, NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If payment is not received, or the Post Office cannot confirm your address, your bottle will go to the next in line, to make it fair. It may sound a bit strict, it has to be, as I will be having a near mental breakdown very shortly when the mudslide of replies start pouring in.

Many of you that haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of the DEFCON crew at one of our shows or appearances, or have never been out to one of our DEFCON Days have probably never had a chance to taste the ZERO, which we are quite proud of. As you well know, making this stuff is extremely time and labor intensive (it took over 3 months to harvest), and utilizes absolutely NO electrical machines of any kind in its creation, which has caused a number of personal capsaicin-based injuries during this latest batch creation. There are many other extracts on the market, however I highly doubt any are made utilizing our method (which I learned from my 92 year old Czech grandmother). To say this method is intricate would be an understatement, and the number of capsaicin-based injuries I incurred creating this batch, make this release much more personal than the previous ones. The ZERO has virtually no taste, just heat, and unlike many extracts out there, has NO aftertaste, which is what sets the ZERO apart from many others. As an additive, it will not change the flavor of whatever it is added to, which is an added plus. This is another reason we are offering the un-signed, un-numbered bottles, showing once again that we here at DEFCON Sauces are continually striving to keep our customers more than just happy.

And just to restate, this release is the most unique release we have done thus far. It’s bigger and a lot more attention to detail has been put into it. Consider it a -glowing- addition to your collectors Shelf of Doom.

We here at DEFCON HQ thank you for your continued interest in our products, and wish you luck in getting one of these little gems.

Creator out”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦.