Posted October 5, 2012 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

A Few Updates (HSB)

If you’ve been poking around the site lately, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how slow it’s been. I’ve delayed posting some reviews because of this, but all should be well now. It was part hosting issues and part database issues. With a site as old as the HSB, there was a ton of old tables in the database taking up more space then needed and the host just couldn’t keep up. Everything should be straightened out now – or on it’s way. If you are still experiencing issues, please let me know so that I can sort that out.

In other news, Lauren & I have been busy finalizing the purchase on a house within Houston. It is not a new house – just new to us. In fact, it’s a house straight out of the 1960’s – nothing has been updated since the day the original owners moved in. Take for instance the below image:

The bed spread matches the wallpaper. Which also matches the drapes that you can’t see in this photo.

Lot’s of demolition in our future – so much so that we’re not planning to move until February, even though we’re closing this month. Anyone interested in taking out some frustrations with a sledgehammer, just let me know! Plans are to gut just about everything, keeping only the basic foot print and updating to functional status as well as “won’t burn down if you plug a computer in” status. The joys of home ownership! My major goal: get the garden ready for planting asap – I’ve been without a green area for long enough.

Regularly scheduled reviews resuming asap.




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