Posted August 2, 2012 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

A small glimpse of Fred’s hot sauce collection

Fred – a longtime HSBer and close friend of ChileheadEd emailed me about a week ago – wanting to share his collection with the chileheads. With the new site, I specifically set up a category to just feature Hot Sauce Collections and I’m happy to have Fred be the first featured in the new space. Here’s what Fred has to say about his collection:

I started collecting hot sauces in early 2005. I have a lot of Blair’s Reserves (shown here) as well as CaJohn’s, Defcon, Dave’s Insanity and a lot more. Here are the pictures of the Reserves. My favorite Blair’s collectibles have to be the Firecracker series and all of the Halloweens. These pictures only showcase my collection’s of Blair’s sauces – there are tons more to show off later

Check out all of his shots below:


Most impressive collection Fred! Can’t wait to see more and hear more about your wing challenges & sauce creations!

Nick Lindauer

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