Posted September 20, 2006 by CaJohn in Makers

A Very Bad Thing Happened In Houston!

Monday morning at 12:24 AM in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn Select, Dude’s window was smashed and his truck/trailer was stolen. Inside of the trailer was what was left after the show from both Old Pueblo Distributing’s and CaJohns booths. The truck/trailer was recovered sometime Monday, but the ENTIRE contents of the trailer were gone. Included in the loss were approximately 24 Caveat Emptors and Mini Light You Up bottles. So those of you in the Houston area, if you find a good deal on a Caveat Emptor, Chip & I would love to know of the person you get it from. This was caught on video, but we are not too hopeful of this helping us catch the perps. You Texas chileheads are our best shot.

The CEs were only a part of what was stolen. All of the display units and inventory from both companies are “in the wind”. PBR barrel racks, slanted sauce display boards, many, many bottles of “State specific” sauces (Texas Road Kill, Oklahoma Rt. 66 etc) Arizona Pickles brand sauces, even some Bret’s Eat S%^* and Howl at the Moon. Fatalii Fire, Black Mamba (with bags & snakes, we never have wholesaled this packaging to anyone) Talon, Frostbite, the entire remaining inventory of Houston, We Have a Problem!, Ignite, Island Jewel and many many more.

It sucks this happened, and Chip (Dude) is still stuck in Houston waiting to get his truck road worthy for the trip back to Columbus. If anyone in Texas sees any of this stuff at Flea Markets, Swap Meets etc., please let me or Chip know about it.

There are many less of the Caveat Emptors available now, I am honoring all the promises I made before ZestFest and you guys will get first dibs, we will get those of you who have sent Nick emails next in the order they were sent.

Thanks for all the Love in this thread, it makes Sue & I very happy that we have so many friends out in the Chilehead World. We will do our best to live up to your expectations. Thanks for your help!

– CaJohn

If anyone does want to submit thier CE numbers to a list so we can track all the known purchases can send their number(s) to

Ultimately, if the stolen bottles are not recovered, there should only be 76 or so of these on the market.