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Acid Rain Hot Nuts Review

Do you like to snack? Maybe sometimes too much? Well this product is the answer for you over indulging nut freaks. Acid Rain Hot Nuts!!!

Acid Rain Hot Nuts

I picked these up at Taste the 4th Sense (Store review coming shortly) and was quite excited about giving them a try. Now I have had honey roasted peanuts, salted, bbq, nacho, you name it. I have even tried adding hot sauce to peanuts. Sure they are good, but the actual flavour I wanted to achieve never came close.

The first thing to notice is the size of the bottle vs. the price point. My first reaction was ouch! Those are going to be the most expensive peanuts I have ever tried. The 5.3oz bottle cost me roughly $6.00 Canadian. But I thought I would splurge a little and treat myself. To be honest I meant to buy this as a treat for my fiancé as well and we could share. (The jokes we had about it were pretty good too!).

Acid Rain Hot Nuts

Now the peanuts inside the glass jar look amazing. Everyone coated with a nice orangered mixture of powder. I thought, finally I can find a snack I can gorge on with a heat level to satisfy my extreme heat needs and all will be good. Well let me say it was a good thing I tried the first peanut. If my fiancé had it first I would have been in big trouble. These are HOT. No kidding around damn freaking hot. The heat rips through you in about 3 seconds. The follow up taste is brilliant but you will never be forgiven of the heat. The powder coats your throat and doesn’t let go. I had 4 peanuts in the first round and 4 about 20 minutes later. How is that for putting a good check on over snacking. Ya, I could have kept going and yes it would have been painful. But what makes this so amazing is that you can have a few peanuts. Get that craving over, and get the heat and endorphin surge you want and not worry about over snacking. Perfect!!!

So now I have this bottle of Acid Rain peanuts that I thought was over priced, and would last about 4 minutes, to having a great snack that will probably last a few weeks. Sam is a genius. The ingredients are simple enough:
Peanuts, Habanero Peppers, Peri-Peri Peppers, Salt, Spice, Citric Acid

I think I may bury one of or two of these in a snack mix tray the next time we have friends over and see who gets the “lucky” one.

Packaging 8/10 – Not much needed here – maybe just some punch to the existing logo
Aroma 8/10 – Sharp and Brave
Appearance 8/10 – Great texture, vibrant colour
Taste 9/10 – Amazing if you can handle the heat
Heat 10/10 – Hot, extremely Hot
Overall 9/10

Some Like it Hot
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