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Alaskan King Crabs – Hot Style Attempt #1

I’ve recently been introduced to a new fish monger and with his expertise have come some unbelievable products. He loves to deal with new people, and while looking through his selection of fish, he asked me if I wanted to deal or no deal with him. Intrigued, I said “deal.” He went to his secret back room and brought back a huge box. As all fish mongers do, he was trying to make a sale, but in this case he had the upper hand. He opened the box and with my wide eyes, the sale was already completed.

Aren’t these pretty?




Now I had a hard time coming up with how to make this a blog-worthy-post. Searching the web for a hot & spicy crab leg recipe produced no results. So I went back and forth with a few people in the comments section (thanks DK) and it seemed my idea was worth the attempt.
I’ll be steaming these for 12 minutes; so I’m using the largest pot I have. I fill the bottom with 3 inches of water; add garlic and a few hefty pinches of sea salt. I’m thinking the salt should bring the boiling point up, thus getting a hotter steam. Then I decided to add a couple drops of Muso’s extract to the water.

I bought this one on Ebay for $1 + shipping.
His name is Tszyu!!!

I next got my other items ready.
Dipping sauce ingredients…

Dipping sauce stuff

and ‘cooling’ agent.

Smoothest Beer in the World

Now I was ready to add Muso’s extract to the sea salt water and garlic. I followed the advice from Muso’s site and put on rubber gloves. I ran warm water over the bottle, unscrewed the top and put in a couple drops. The fumes tickled my nose oh so well.

in goes the Muso

If all goes as planned, I’ll also be using gloves to crack open and eat the legs. (Would hate having burned hands! As a side note, Muso just recently started selling PURE CAPSAICIN POWDER.)
I turned on the stove and waited for the water to boil to get the steam going. Garlicly heat fumes filled the house and I had to open windows and doors to keep the air clean. To fit in the steamer, I had to break the leg and claw in three places.

Steaming Crab

After 10 minutes I decided to take the temperature and got 191 degrees.

191, pretty good

I took the crabs out, plated and got ready to eat.

Dinner is served

Nice lump of meat!


The crab was delicious. The meat was succulent and sweet. The Nitro dipping butter sauce was delectable. But the overall results were pitiful. The Muso steam did absolutely nothing for the crab. I licked the shells and tasted nothing, so I took off the rubber gloves and finished up a scrumptious meal.

Having felt defeated, I had to try something…so I decided to taste the water.

just a little taste..


HOLY hill of beans. I started sling carp. I used the cooling agent more and more and then my hands started to burn.
I have more of these legs and hope that one of you can help me find the best way to make this a hot & spicy dish.

Enjoy Life