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Review: Ass Murdering Hot Sauce

Ass murdering hot sauce
Ass Murdering Hot Sauce

I like the label of this sauce, I think its funny and even though I do get tired of all the ass and butt and fart novelty labels. I don’t really hate them; I’m just not impressed with them either. This label is very colorful and I like the flask bottles so all in all its not to bad. If I had seen it in a store there’s no way I would of bought it though because I make it a point to avoid novelty labels unless someone tells me they are good. I might buy one for my collection shelf it I really like it but I have found through experience that a lot of the novelty labels aren’t really that good of sauces and they depend on a funny label to sell.

This sauce however did actually taste pretty good, it had an original flavor to it and I’m glad I tried it. I would put it more in the mustard category than a hot sauce, but its not like every other mustard out there either. The first flavor I recognized when trying it was lime, you might not think that lime and mustard sound good but it really worked. It almost has a bit of a curry flavor. This sauce pours easily from the bottle and has a lot of pepper bits and small chunks in it, I’m guessing some of the chunks may also be fresh garlic. I can taste the jalapenos and Serrano peppers in it but not the habanero’s, they do make there presence know after eating a bit though.

Ass Murdering Hot Sauce

I used this sauce the same way I would use mustard, I had it on sandwiches, brats and hot dogs, sandwich wraps, chicken, burgers, and anything else I could think of that I normally put mustard on. The one meal in particular that I really enjoyed this sauce with was the brats, I had sauerkraut and pita pockets with beer brats and it was great. I even took some great pictures but unfortunately I didn’t realize my memory card wasn’t in the camera and they where saved to the camera itself with no way to send them in, so sorry for the lack of pictures on food.

The heat level of this sauce wasn’t extremely hot, it’s about what you would expect from your average spicy mustard. I would love to try a hotter version as long as it didn’t take away from the flavor of the sauce itself. That don’t mean that this one wasn’t hot enough for me though, it’s a really good sauce and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Its not really that impressive to say that I finished a bottle of hot sauce within a weak, because I do it all the time and often finish them within the day or even hour of opening them, but to finish a mustard this quickly is unusual for me. While I had this bottle open I was constantly looking for something to put it on.

Taste: 7/10 if you’re looking for a sauce that’s really more of a condiment to be used like ketchup and mustard but are bored with all the rest of the spicy mustards out there I recommend giving this one a try.

Value: I thought this bottle had a website on it that I could find out the price of a bottle and tell you if it was a value or not, but apon further inspection it just says combisummo. Combisummo. Combisummo. Combisummo”¦”¦. Repeatedly around the entire border, I tried and even did a search for combisummo and got nothing. I was a little puzzled by it, and what it means if it isn’t a website. Since that didn’t work I searched for the hot sauce but all I got was a bunch of sites with references to hot sauces that would hurt your ass, no ass murdering hot sauce. There isn’t any other info on the bottle other than the address, which starts out Bisummo, llc. That’s when I realized that the label don’t say combisummo. Combisumo. Combisumo. It actually was a website all along Im just not supposed to read between the dots like I was, it starts with the b and ends with the m. once I figured that out I found the site and the price for one bottle is 5.95 or you can get 48 bottles for only $168.00 I liked this sauce but I probably wont buy it again anytime soon for $6.00, for the difference in price I will stick to my regular mustard.

Overall 7/10

Bisummo, L.L.C.
2146 E. Old Mill Dr.
Deltona, FL 32725