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Auctions for Step Up for Charity

There is a name that most of us know from personal experience or have at least heard of through the grapevine. We associate him with some of the best award winning sauces out on the market and we associate him with greatness. He is a hero and a humanitarian and he is greatly admired for all of his humble yet remarkable feats. I’m talking about Jim Campbell, owner and manufacturer of the Mild to Wild Pepper and Herb Co.

Three Hot Tamales had the pleasure of being able to spend time with Jim at Zest Fest this year and got a glimpse of the man we had read so much about. A man we had gained great respect for during his most recent charitable action, Stairway to Heaven. Even if one was able to forget, even for a moment, the selfless acts and genuine caring that Jim has for others, you would still know somehow that you were standing in the company of an icon. Jim is as regular of a guy as you’ll ever meet and humble beyond compare and yet his actions show greatness.

Three Hot Tamales have placed two bottles on EBAY so that we could help, in whatever way, however Jim see’s fit. We will donate 100% of all monies to Jim and have faith that it will go where it is most needed. We have put two bottles, both mislabeled and now signed up for auction. One is a twelve ounce bottle of Make Me Moan Mango and the other is a twelve ounce bottle of our Garlic Lovers Steak Sauce.

The Ebay auction started on Sunday October 8, 2006 and ends Sunday October 15, 2006. Please help us help others by clicking on this link eBay: Three Hot Tamales (item 250037324929 end time Oct-15-06 17:07:56 PDT). Let Jim inspire the goodness in you, read about him here:
Step Up for Charity.org
Meet Your Maker #13 – Jim Campbell
Stairway to Heaven

The Danny Cash crew has decided to generously donate thier NOS Prototype bottles in an effort to help Jim Campbell’s Step Up for Charity. Read the HSB for exact details, but this auction is for 1 of only 2 bottles that will be available. This is the FINAL bottle available.

Please Note: This is a hot sauce collectible – it’s a prototype bottle to the NOS Hot Sauces the Danny Cash Crew first released at Zest Fest 2006

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