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Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Winners

Individual Category

Red Sauce
1st Place – Justin Altman
2nd Place – Shawn Muncy
3rd Place – Lance Brauckman

Green Sauce
1st Place – Michael Rypka
2nd Place – Marvin Perez
3rd Place – Jonathan Hemmeter

Special Variety
1st Place – Karen Peterman
2nd Place – Chris Buslett
3rd Place – John Dever III

Restaurant Category

Red Sauce
1st Place – El Caribe Mexican Restaurant
2nd Place – Sao Paulo Restaurant
3rd Place – Santa Rita

Green Sauce
1st Place – Curra’s
2nd Place – Sao Paulo Restaurant
3rd Place – Tres Amigos

Special Variety
1st Place – Little Texas Bistro
2nd Place – Oaxacan Tamaleo
3rd Place – Iguana Grill

Commercial Bottlers – People’s Choice Awards

Red Sauce
1st Place – Texapenos Gourmet Red
2nd Place – Two Hot Mamas Salsa Roja
3rd Place – Classy Delites Jamaican Salsa

Green Sauce
1st Place – Two Hot Mamas Chile Verde
2nd Place – Texapenos Gourmet Green
3rd Place – Classy Delites Spinach Avocado Dip

Special Variety
1st Place – Texapenos Orange Flame
2nd Place – Two Hot Mamas Creamy Cilantro Salsa Dip
3rd Place – Two Hot Mamas Creamy Chipotle

Pepper Sauce
1st Place – Aztexan Habanero Supreme
2nd Place – Texapenos Red Flame
3rd Place – Tears of Joy Tequila Lime Hot Sauce

Celebrity judges included Miguel Ravago, executive chef at Fonda San Miguel; Alan Lazarus, chef and co-owner of Vespaio; Rebecca Rather, chef at Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe in Fredericksburg; David Garrido, chef at Jeffrey’s; Donny Hungerford, executive chef at the Headliner’s Club; Jean Andrews, author of Peppers and Jay McCarthy, co-author of Traveling Jamaica With Knife, Fork & Spoon.

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