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Slap You Silly – Sofa King Hot Sauce

When I took this sauce with me to a restaurant, both my wife and the waitress were nearly blown away when I dumped it on my fries because of “how hot it smelled.” This sauce worked very well with spaghetti, surprisi...

SliverLeaf – Marinated Bread and Butter Garlic with Ghost Peppers

One thing is for sure it smells like bread and butter garlic. No doubt about it. By looking at the cloves in the jar I wasn’t exactly sure if the garlic would be soft or still kinda hard…it’s in-between both.


Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Nacho Cheese Sauce

ince this is a nacho cheese sauce, the consistency is what you expect from it: thick when it’s cold, medium thick when it’s warm. Nothing really stands out when I take a good solid whiff of it.
BBQ Sauce Reviews

Wicked Tickle – Ol Smokey

One thing I have to come realize in the past year or so is that I love meat that has been smoked, though I’m still on the fence about hot sauces having that smokiness. I have had some that are really memorable, and some t...

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Heartbreaking Dawns – Memphis Belle BBQ Blend

I was so stoked when I opened the box of goodies for review and saw this product. I have very fond memories of this product and I’m looking forward to cooking a pork butt using this blend for Super bowl Sunday!
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Fire in the Kitchen Dry Rubs & Spices

I had the privilege of meeting Mark and his products at the Toronto Spicy Food Festival.  His booth was set up in prime territory so it was tough getting a word in but by the look on many peoples faces they were very pleased by...

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The Salt Table – Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

This is one of those products that lends it self to a simple review.  Basically, its hot salt and it is delicious.  It has the unmistakeable taste of the jolokia which delivers a wallop of heat and adds the right level of salti...
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Toronto Hot & Spicy Food Festival

Saturday morning I jumped on the bike and headed down to the Toronto Hot & Spicy Food Festival.  This is first time I have been back in about 7 or 8 years.  The reason being is that back then it was a poorly organized affai...

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Take a Ike!

Quick update here. As most of us know by now that Galveston and Houston took a direct hit from Ike (as well as outlying areas). Although the physical devastation is quite severe it looks like the populace for the most part weat...

Hot Flash – Hot Sauce Injections

Hot Sauce for Knee Pain WORCESTER, Mass. (Ivanhoe Newswire) — Hot sauce can put a fire in your belly and leave your eyes crying for more. Now, doctors are testing to see if the hot stuff that numbs your tongue can numb kn...