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Smokin’ Hot Dead Shot Habanero, by Sizzle Sauce

The tomatoes and peppers make this smell sort of like a habanero salsa. That's a good thing in my book. It tastes more like ketchup, though, albeit only slightly. The overall flavor is actually pretty subdued, and is nowhere...

The Balanced Art of the Pepper 5/5 Gourmet Hot Sauce

When I first opened this, I passed it to my wife to get a second opinion on the smell. We came to the same conclusion independently: for some reason, this stuff smells kind of like bread, in the same sense that Guinness smells...


Original Dragons Blood Jerky

When we get jerky, folks, it isn't the "sweet and hot" kind you can buy at any old grocery store. Nope. When someone sends us jerky, you can bet that it is laced with something that has been crafted for the sole purpose of me...

Island Time Hot Pepper Sauce

While this sauce does have the traditional orange tint found in most standard sauces, it's actually surprisingly chunky. There's practically a salsa-like consistency in here, or at least something similar to a thick spaghetti ...


Home Grown Salsa, by Hair of the Dog

It may not be National Salsa Month anymore, but I'm not going to let that stop me from reviewing the Hair of the Dog's Home Grown Salsa. I hope it lives up to the delicious standard set by their sauce!
BBQ Sauce Reviews

Sweet Island Pepper BBQ Sauce, by McCormick

Sometimes, though, I do like to browse the aisles of my local HEB and hope something catches my eye, something that can serve as a more accessible alternative to our readers who cannot easily obtain the things we normally revie...


Piquillo Jalapeno Bruschetta, by Elki

Something else caught my eye, though - a little jar of bruschetta. What was especially interesting about this jar was that the first word on there was "Piquillo," a pepper you may not hear much about unless you frequently make...

Hair of the Dog Garlic Serrano Hot Sauce

It was then that I met the folks from Hair of the Dog, a Fulton-based manufacturer of salsas, spices, and hot sauces, among other things. Though I certainly had some options, I settled on a bottle of their Garlic Serrano hot s...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Tropical Heat, by Ed’s Roadhouse

Brian reviews the Tropical Heat hot sauce from Ed's Roadhouse, makers of some of the hottest beef jerky around.

Rocky’s Hot Sauce – Lime

Brian tackles Rocky's Lime sauce, the final product in his four-week Rocky's review roundup.