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Look Out Texas

It seems that life Is always moving along Things to look forward to Helps keep us strong Just like this blog It started out small Nick couldn’t have imagined It’s be such a draw From people that eat Collectors too E...

Kristi & Chris K’s Hot Sauce Collection

Ok so here are some of our bottles. Here are some of the boxes that sit in the attic because the bottles just don’t have a home. There are actually about 5 more like this but I couldnt lift these to take photos of them all.

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The Fest called Zest!

The fest was called zest And I can say what I saw Lots of fun and excitement Was had by all Now opinions may differ Cause some came for fun Some were here to do business And some came for day one To my surprise The Creator was ...

Ode to Defcon Day

Once upon a time In a small Jersey town Was a hot wing contest Dubbed the hottest around It was brought together By a madman you see Who tortures his victims Before he declares victory A man dressed in black Wears goggles and a...