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Defcon Day #3

Yup, another DEFCON Day has been slated! Here we go again, another DEFCON Day is coming up on Saturday, July 22, once again at what is becoming our HQ, The Alley, in Berkeley Heights, NJ. I’ve been told we are getting our...

Homunculus Army

Be afraid, be very afraid. Reminder: Cast your vote for the Caption Contest #1 winner!
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


The Homunculus’ Gettysburg Address

Before the ZERO’s were packed up and sent to their Port of Export, the Homunculus gave them a very nice send-off. His words of courage brought tears of condensation to the ZERO’s, whose emotions were running high, a...

Defcon @ the 2006 Fiery Foods Show

Well, here we are, when I started this article, it was Tuesday, the morning after the first full night of sleep I’ve had since last Thursday. After a request from Nick to do a write-up on the show, I agreed to do a recap ...