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Mic’s Chilli Inferno Sauce – Extreme

From his secret dungeon in the village of Kilcoole on the East Coast of the Republic of Ireland (about 15 miles south of Dublin), Mic has developed a range of chilli sauces that have recently been arriving on mainland Great Bri...

Grim Reaper Foods – Incinerator Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil

Russell from Grim Reaper Foods continues to expand his range of specialist chilli products with the recent introduction of a trio of rapeseed oils. Thankfully Rapeseed oil has come a long way from its historical origins as an o...
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


The Wiltshire Chilli Farm – Naga Salt Grinder

Here we have one of the range of grinders from Wiltshire Chilli Farm. The grinders offer a varying range of seasonings in both heat and flavour, with the Naga salt variant being the hottest in the range. The first thing I notic...

The Upton Cheyney Chilli Company – The Stinger Chocolate

The combination of chilli and chocolate isn’t something that is a recent gastronomic discovery. It’s a winning combination that’s been around since ~2500BC when the Mayans first mixed the two ingredients. Now whilst the Mayan’s...


Chilli Pepper Company – Hot Summer Chilli Sauce

In the year since I’ve been part of the reviewing team at the ChileFoundry, one of the names that has struck fear into my mouth with his potent products is Ged Fowler. Well known in chilli circles, Ged has brought us some crack...

Report from the 7th Benington Lordship Chilli Festival

The recent bank holiday weekend on the 26th & 27th August saw the 7th Benington Lordship Chilli Festival take place in the beautiful grounds of the Benington Lordship Gardens, near Stevenage, Hertfordshire.