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A Woman's Scorn Hot Pepper BBQ Sauce XXXX
A Woman's Scorn Hot Pepper BBQ Sauce XXXX
A Woman's Scorn Hot Pepper BBQ Sauce XXXX

Review: A Woman’s Scorn Hot Pepper BBQ Sauce XXXX

I love barbecue. And BBQ. And Bar-B-Que. And however else you want to spell it. In fact, I love BBQ sauce almost as much as I love hot sauce. I’ll take any chance I get to combine the two. And this bottle of A Woman’...
Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Ami Hot Pepper Sauce

Ingredients: water, brown sugar (sugar, molasses), habanero mash (water, habanero peppers), vinegar, honey, spices, salt. When I first saw the bottle of Ami from Rick’s Test Kitchen, I knew I was going to try it on Indian...

Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Hot Doc’s Hot Sauce

“The Hot is real. The Doc is real. Hot Doc’s is prepared by a PhD Psychologist. It’ll mess with your mind! Known to make grown men cry.” Ingredients: hot peppers (mostly, habaneros), spices, tomato paste...
Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: The Chilli Factory – Morning Afterburn and Kookaburra Kackle

If you’re like me, you’re wondering “What’s a Kookaburra?” Well, here’s the obligatory Wikipedia link for those interested enough to read on… Ingredients: Morning Afterburn – mang...

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Review: Coyote Trail New Mexico Chile Enchilada Sauce

When I got my first package from Nick, I ripped into like a kid on Christmas day. I pulled out each bottle, carefully unwrapped it, and set them all across my kitchen counter. I surveyed my take, trying carefully not to pass to...

Review: Reviewer Face-Off – Hillbillie Sweet Gormay Salsa (Hot)

Opinions are like elbows, everyone has two. And sometimes reviews blur the line between opinions and facts. That was the inspiration for the “Face Off”. Here’s how it works: Two reviewers, one sauce, identica...

Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Nando’s eXtra-hot Peri-peri Sauce

Please welcome Ethan to the HSB with his first review! Nando’s eXtra Hot has been my favorite Nando’s sauce for quite some time (with the exception of the limited edition Bottled Fire) and I’m glad to see some...