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UNLV Researchers Find Lead in Some Imported Hot Sauces

UNLV Researchers conducted the first known study into lead concentrations of hot sauce. They found four hot sauces from Mexico that exceeded the FDA standard for lead.

Spiciest Restaurants Around the USA and UK by Zagat

During my Heatlines research this morning I ran across a rather impressive list of the spiciest restaurants around the USA and UK put together by Zagat, and I had to share.

BBQ Sauce Reviews

Firefly’s BBQ Sauce LIVE

Tonight on the live show we’re busting out the BeelzeBar-BQ Sauce with Firefly’s BBQ! |

High River Rogue Moruga Scorpion Sauce LIVE

Tuesday night on the live show we’re hitting you with the hottest sauce in the High River arsenal. High River Rogue is a Moruga Scorpion & blood orange hot sauce. |


Slim Jim Dare Sticks & Beef Jerky Live Archive

Video archive of EAT MORE HEAT! Live with special guest Scott "Sultan of Snap" from Slim Jim. We review Slim Jim Habanero Dare Sticks and Jalapeno Beef Jerky. |

Slim Jim Dare Sticks & Beef Jerky LIVE

This week on the live show we’re exploring a growing epidemic in our country. Slim Jim first identified the condition know as “Male Spice Loss” or MSL. |
Snake River Farms Wagyu Brisket


Knox’s Gourmet Sauce LIVE

Tonight on the live show we’re tearing up some brisket & sausage with Knox’s Honey Chipotle BBQ Sauce & talking to Dave “Pope of Peppers” DeWitt about the 2013 Scovie Award winners. |

Threatcon Sauces & the iBurn Fall Giveaway LIVE

Tonight on the live show we’re trying out a sauce from Threatcon Sauces that I’m pretty excited about. Johny 5 Hot Sauce‘s first ingredient is dark rum. Need I say more? |


Kickstarting The Sauceman’s Satchel LIVE

Tonight on the live show we’re going to be kickstarting The Sauceman’s Satchel! Friend of the show John Konesky is utilizing Kickstarter to help the chilehead world accessorize. |

Silverleaf International LIVE

Tonight on the live show Adriane from Silverleaf International will be stopping by the studio to let us sample their extensive line of ghost pepper products. |