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Review: Larynx Lava

My first impression of Palmetto Pepper Potions Larynx Lava were the words “South Carolina Hot Sauce!” printed across the top. Since I love all things Carolina, I figured I must be in for a treat. Boy, was I right. I...
Dave's Gourmet

Classic Hot Sauce Review: Dave’s Insanity Sauce

When I think of classic hot sauces, Dave’s is the first that come to my mind. Dave’s really started the cold, er, really really hot war that was the exponential growth in heat of sauces by using extracts. Dave’...

Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Torchbearer Super Fancy Tingly Sauce

The package starts out: “Preacher’s wife Dixie Earline never did nothin but cook. Used the #4 in her potluck, plus paired it with extra lard for signature flavor on cover-dish Sundays. Most figured she cooked extra ...

Review: Blair’s Death Rain Cracked Crab Kettle Chips

The first thing that struck me about Blair’s Death Rain Cracked Crab chips was the “XXX Hot” label on the package. Now, anything with the name “Blair’s” and “XXX Hot” on the same ...

Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Uncle Dougie’s Bada-Boom Habanero Mustard Hot Sauce

When I first looked at the bottle for Uncle Dougie’s Habanero Mustard Hot Sauce, I was pretty excited. I love mustard, and I love habaneros. And taken together, they are wonderful. Checking out the ingredient list looked ...

Recipe: John’s Hot Pepper Pasta

Eating peppers: Good. Breathing peppers: Bad.

Hot Sauce Reviews

Melinda’s Fire Roasted Habanero and Garlic

Habanero pepper sauces come in many varieties. From the simple, straightforward and classic taste of the pepper itself, to strong flavors melded with many subtle undertones, habaneros are very adaptable. Melinda’s plays t...
Hot Sauce Reviews

Peppermaster Hurricane Mash

Some call them peppers. I call them Heaven in a bottle.


Recipe: Habanero Mahi Mahi

Sometime you bite the pepper..Sometime the pepper bites your wife Many of my favorite recipes have a story attached to them. This is one of my them, and also a lesson to all those learning to cook with peppers. When I expanded ...

Introducing John S.

HSB readers – Please welcome the newest reviewer John. Below is a bit of background on John, another fellow hot sauce addict. Hello. My name is John. I’m a hot sauce addict. It all started about 20 years ago. A cold...