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Sidekicks: Three Fun Barbecue Side Dishes from Mike Stines

Now you’re looking for some ideas for side dishes that will withstand the hot weather and not make your guests ill. Here’s what I like to serve: Thai-style cucumber salad, horseradish pickled beets and pickled red onions. Add s...

Mike’s Carolina-style Pulled Pork in Mustard

Barbecue cooking isn't rocket science nor, however, does two plus two equal four on the grill. Barbecue is low and slow cooking not baking (that’s more chemistry than cooking). The meat is done when it’s done; you can guesstima...


Slow Burn: St. Louis Spare Ribs with Chipotle Rub

We’re talking pork ribs, not those meaty and fatty hunks of rib bone and meat coming from a bovine. Pork ribs, whether the smaller Baby Backs or larger Spare Ribs are quintessential barbecue. Served dry – Memphis-style – or wet...