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Sinus-Aid Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is a good remedy for a stuffy nose. It may not seem real hot at first, but it will sneak up on you. If you don’t enjoy heat, this isn’t for you. There are hotter sauces out there I’m sure, but t...
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Neither hot sauce nor soap moves me to outrage

Posted on Tue, Oct. 19, 2004 Neither hot sauce nor soap moves me to outrage BY JOHN ROSEMOND Knight Ridder Newspapers (KRT) – Before I write this column, journalistic ethics require that I make two disclosures of personal...


Brian D. Smith: Soldier and Hot Sauce Lover

By TY ALLISON / The Dallas Morning News Second Lt. Brian D. Smith was unwavering in his decision to join the U.S. Army. The 30-year-old McKinney native set aside a successful career in law to assuage a lifelong interest in the ...

Habanero Pepper Information

Dave Dewitt, aka The Pope of Peppers, wrote an extensive wonderful article on everyone’s favorite pepper, the Habanero. Here’s just an exerpt of Dave’s article: The Heat Level of the Habanero Although the spec...


Love Life a Headache? Hot Peppers to the Rescue

Love Life a Headache? Hot Peppers to the Rescue! An estimated half million Americans suffer from “sex headaches” or “orgasm headaches,” which tend to occur on a regular basis during or after sex. Suffere...
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Cast vote for favorite political candidate via label on hot pepper sauce

Hot air, hot sauce – the Austin Spice Co. thought this year’s presidential candidates deserved a dose of chili pepper, and came out with labels that suit any political persuasion. The current Bush administration is ...


New: Gone Rabid Hot Sauce

Gone Rabid Hot Sauce With all the flavor of original Baboon A$$ brand hot sauce and five times the bite, this baboon has gone totally RABID! Use extreme caution when consuming this product. Side effects may include, but are not...

2005 Hot Sauce Calander

Hot Sauce! Buy this 2005 Hot Sauce Calendar at


Green Bay Tailgating Pictures

See more Packer Tailgating Images here. No, these are not of us, we just like the Pack. Go Green Bay! For even more indepth information regarding the Green Bay Packers, visit the Packer Chatters! NFC North Standings> 3 1 0 3 1 ...


TABASCO CHICKEN Serves a small crowd. Adapted from Will Lisk, Matt Hudson and Paul Norton. 4 pounds boneless chicken breasts 1 quart Texas Pete Garlic powder to taste 2-pound bag chicken breader, such as House Autrey Mills Caye...