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Grumpy's Private Reserve Bar-B-Que Sauce, Not So Bold
Grumpy's Private Reserve Bar-B-Que Sauce, Not So Bold
Grumpy's Private Reserve Bar-B-Que Sauce, Not So Bold

Review: Grumpy’s Private Reserve Bar-B-Que Sauce, Not So Bold

Hello HSB, in the midst of all this controversy surrounding makers doing reviews I thought I would further support my argument by submitting yet another awesome and totally unbiased completely impartial review. Today’s sa...
Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Sweet Sunshine Atomic Chili Sauce

Hello All, today’s sampling for HotSauceBlog is Sweet Sunshine Chili Sauce Atomic flavor. It’s been a little while since my last review and I’m excited to share my experience with this very interesting looking...


Innuendo Foods Updated For 7th Anniversary

How do you celebrate your birthday? Some of us will throw a party, or be the victim of a surprise party. Some will go out for a nice meal with friends, and others simply take the day off work and do nothing. Innuendo Enterprise...

Review: Salsa King Chipotle Black Bean & Corn Salsa

To me salsa is one of the four major food groups; Hot Sauce, Salsa, Wing Sauce, Dry Rubs. Clearly these are the foundation to any good meal. I would think if you are proclaiming to be the king of something as important as salsa...

Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Chuk Hell’s Magic Blend #2

I guess today is my lucky day. Worked my butt off; sold a ton of sauce and I have a nice big plate of left-over barbecue to eat for dinner. Thanks to Nick, I also have a few sauces to review. Off to the TBR (to be reviewed) She...
Spicy Food Reviews

Review: Brooklyn’s Best 1-Minute Marinade

Hello HSB, another product review coming your way! Today we’re sampling Brooklyn’s Best 1-Minute Marinade. I have been doing a lot of cooking lately; depending on who you talk to. It’s can be a good or a bad t...


Review: Nanny’s Jamaican Kitchen Jerk Marinade – Mild

With the Fancy Food show behind us, I finally have the time to get back to doing some more reviews. It can be nice to stay in a fancy hotel and have meals prepared by a chef at a hoity-toity restaurant, but I find that both my ...
Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Burning Asphalt Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Hey HSB’rs Catching up on the many items I have to review is a task that I am enjoying. There is nothing better to a Chile-head than having an array of fiery foods to sample and share with you guys. Today I tasted Burning...


Review: DENZEL’S Dangerous Goods Hot Sauce

Mornin’ HSB’rs, Welcome to another frigid 36 degree Northern California Morning. I know its warmer here than at Uncle Big’s place, but dammit I moved to California to get away from this shit! Well, I’m g...
Restaurant Reviews

The Moonlite Bar-B-Que Inn; The History of Kentucky BBQ

Catherine and Pappy Bosley bought the Moonlite for $50,000 from Sonnie and Sadie Bertram and J.C. & Betty Stinson. The Bosley’s used the 5,000 dollar profit from selling their house to make the down payment, moved in ...