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Where do you Enjoy Zane & Zack’s – The Contest

If you have ever checked out our website then you already know we have a photo gallery of shots people have sent us with our product. Now we want to make a contest out of it. Starting today and running through Sept. 14th (the w...
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Fiery Foods Show ’08 Sunday

Sorry for the long delay between the Saturday and Sunday posts. I have worked every day, and most nights as well since we’ve been back. Well since this is the continuation from the last post, if you read it you would know...

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Fiery Foods Show ’08 Saturday

Have you ever eaten something so spicy it made your eyes water? How ’bout something so hot it caused hiccups? Maybe you’ve ingested something that made you gasp for air? Swallowed anything that made you sweat? Did y...
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Fat Kid Mango Amore Hot Sauce
Fat Kid Mango Amore Hot Sauce
Fat Kid Mango Amore Hot Sauce

Review: Fat Kid Sauces Mango Amore Habanero Hot Sauce

This sauce has a bright label with an obviously male pepper, winkin’ one eye and a big ole cheesy grin makin’ the moves on the female mango, which by the look in her eyes and smile on her face, she is digging. Heart...

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Review: Desert Pepper Trading Co. XXX Habanero Pepper Sauce

A fine looking label Now from the start I knew this was going to be a sauce I liked. The label is bright and eye catching. An orange and yellow background with some flame symbols reminiscent of petroglyph’s. Inset is a bl...

What’s in YOUR fridge?

Okay 2008 is here and it is time for me to finish off those partial bottles. I assume that some of the other chiliheads out there have the same habit I do of saving just a little bit of a sauce because they want to try it on so...

Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: Ahrun’s Famous VooDoo Magic Hot Sauce

Okay, as far as gimmick labels go this one catches my attention more than flames shooting out someones rear. The voodoo theme is well represented, a couple skeletons dancing above a floor of flames, a skull and cross bones and ...
Hot Sauce Reviews

Review: La Chingada!

The shape and size of this jar set it apart first thing. The sauce comes in a tall narrow 8oz cylindrical jar. The label is black with La Chingada! scrawled in yellow lettering that is outlined in red. A red chiltepin highlight...


Zane & Zack’s Holiday Gift Crates

Well it is kinda late, but we have been busy! For the last couple of years we have been giving away these crates around the holidays with the purchase of any 3 products for $17. They will fit 3 of our squat hex jars (all produc...
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Review: Tony Legner’s Cat-5 Food Polish Seasoning & Rub

Food polish? What the…WAIT! I’ll explain. I myself was more than a little confused by the name. Tony Legner is a chef and restauranteur in Rockport, TX. Cat-5 referers to a category 5 hurricane. Food polish, because...