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Historic Lynchburg Tennesse Whiskey Barbeque Sauce Review


Posted April 27, 2006 by

Jack Daniels 151 Proof BBQ Sauce

I try to be as honest as I can in my reviews. Truth be told, I have been lucky in receiving some incredible sauces to review. And here comes another one. I wish I had some real Jack here to go along with this Jack Daniels 151 Proof BBQ Sauce. The bottle is the same as a bottle of Jack and as soon I opened it I could smell that unmistakable aroma emanating within. I let my fiance try some right off the bat and she was quick to give her nod of approval. This sauce has the perfect consistency, the perfect sweetness and perfect heat.

Ingredients: Tomato concentrate made from red ripe tomatoes, vinegar, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, salt, spices, onion, garlic, green peppers, Worcestershire sauce (including anchovies and tamarinds), lemon juice, natural hickory smoke and other flavours, Jack Daniel’s Black label Whiskey and sodium benzoate.

It turns out my arch nemesis ingredient is in this sauce…molasses. Thankfully it was used more for the sauces consistency then for the taste.

Not only does this sauce taste great, it looks cool too. It would make a nice addition to any BBQ decor (sitting beside a beer) or on the table in front of some ribs and steaks. It is a generous size bottle clocking in at a nice 16oz. So you can feel free to use it liberally.

I wasn’t too impressed by the heat level in this BBQ sauce. I thought it would be a little hotter than most standard BBQ sauces but the heat was pretty much non existent. I will say the creators of this sauce knew what they were doing and promised what they claim, albeit the label is a little misleading with the 151 Proof. I guess I was biased as I have the 151 Proof Habanero Hot Sauce and was expecting the same type of heat level. Heat levels aside I will say its nice to see the amount of work that went into making this sauce.

100 Proof Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce

My field test wasn’t really appropriate for this. The good old chicken strip. I used this as a dip rather than an actual sauce being basted on meat as the instructions said to do on the label. So I am actually going to give this a try with some nice ribs shortly. Come back for the 2nd part of this review.

This is also one of those sauces that is fun to get all messy with. As Nick showed us his food shrapnel incident at the Defcon Day, this sauce is going to get everywhere. And that is good thing. A real finger licking, ruin your shirt and stain the patio kind of sauce.

I would give this BBQ sauce a try. It just may be more suited to your palate than mine. For the size and price point of this sauce I would definitely say give it a try.

Packaging – 10/10
Aroma – 8/10
Appearance – 7/10
Taste – 7.5/10
Heat – 3/10
Overall – 7.5/10

Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Barbeque Sauce – 151 Proof
Simmered and Bottled by Lynchburg Merchandise Co.
P.O. Box 8007, Lynchburg TN 37352





    Anthony, this is a perfect review with the big grilling season right around the corner! I can’t wait for the rest of your review. It definately looks cool, you’re right about that! If I’m having some hot babes over for a BBQ, I don’t want a big jug of Open Pit sitting on the table. 🙂


    Sorry, but my last comment just reminded me of someone I knew that used to lift his arm up while he was grilling, point at his arm pit, and say “Hey Guys! Anyone want some Open Pit? Anyone?” Ridiculous


    NIce review Anthony. Sauce does look tasty! I would love to try it on ribs!


    I got to try this sauce once at a Spice Boys meeting. I thought it was pretty tasty too.

    Not to take away from the review… Can we get a recipe for those chicken fingers… They look yummy.



    [Comment ID #30988 Quote]

    Jodie, this sauce has ribs screaming all over it!


    [Comment ID #31091 Quote]

    Tina, can you keep a secret?!?!??!

    President’s Choice……ssssshhhhhhhh!


    [Comment ID #31095 Quote]

    It doesnt take much to get me to eat ribs. Best part is that the Jack Daniels Plant is on my way to visit a friend. I pass right by it in Lynchburg. I have to say it looked alot different than I imagined


    [Comment ID #31096 Quote]

    Oh, now that is just wrong!


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