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Memphis Style Spicy Bar-B-Q Sauce


Posted June 4, 2006 by

Memphis BBQ Sauce
This Memphis Style Spicy BBQ sauce is one of the last on my list to review from the shipment I received. And like always I should have opened it up first. The reason is that this is a phenomenal BBQ Sauce. In my opinion this is a pretty perfect sauce.

The bottle is a nice size. But a gallon size would be better as you are going to go through this pretty quickly. My only beef is (ya ya bad joke) is the sticker on it. I almost feel sorry for that poor little piggy (I said almost). It is kind of like biting the heads of chocolate bunnies or going to Le Bifteque and seeing the cows out front. Anyways it does it’s job and spells out the ingredients for you.

Ingredients: Tomato Concentrate, vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, salt, onion powder, Worcestershire sauce, habanero peppers, water, brown sugar, natural smoke flavor and natural spices.

As soon as I opened it I was reminded of Uncle Pappy’s White Lightning, and that is a good thing as I was looking for a decent replacement for my defunct bottle. The first test was the finger test (kind of like putting your big toe in the water first). Well let me tell I was ready to dive in. The field test is some marinated chicken breasts and noodles.

*Note – I forgot to take a picture of the finished meal. As soon as it was done I just started eating it and forgot to take any pictures.

The sauce itself is an incredible reddish brown with little specks of seeds and peppers. The consistency is a perfect slow crawl and the stickiness is like gum on the sidewalk in the middle of July. Where this sauce really shines is the taste. It takes you on a bunch of different levels. At first it is sweet, but not to sweet, then it mellows into a nice smoky flavour before delivering a perfect amount of heat. It would be a perfect sauce for that family bbq where someone may not be into any heat and has just enough kick for the chili head. You don’t believe me……… then try it. It is quite incredible how they managed to balance everything and make all the parts equal a whole.

Honestly, you could put it on your dirty laundry and it will still taste great. I wouldn’t let BBQ season pass you by without giving this one a try.

Great Stuff!

Packaging – 8/10
Aroma – 9.5/10
Appearance – 9.5/10
Taste – 9.5/10
Heat – 4/10
Overall – 9.5/10

Memphis Style Spicy Bar-B-Q Sauce
Bodine ets. Specialty Foods
Clearwater Florida





    Nice review, Anthony.

    But, but, but…….High Fructose corn syrup as the third ingredient? Come on guys, do it right and go natural. I’m not even asking for organic, just stay away from the HFCS!


    [Comment ID #39859 Quote]

    I didn’t even question it. I saw the brown sugar as well. I thought uh oh. But this sauce just rocked. The rate we are being inundated with genetically engineered food – all natural – certified organic – it all balances out. At this point I say…….as long as it tastes good!


    I’d like to try it on pork. That is the BBQ of Memphis (and thus the porker on the bottle:)


    mmmmm sounds tasty! I might have some dirty laundry somewhere around here 😀 lol


    I have had this sauce, but i didn’t care for it. This is of course a personal thing, but i didn’t like the corn syrup sweet taste of it.


    this really sounds yummy. I have a couple really great tasting BBQ sauces that I believe are amazing. I gotta try this one too.


    BBQ is no doubt a very old method of coocking down on earth. It came into the mind of human right after 5 minutes of discovery of fire 😀


    Bought a bottle of this at the Rio Rancho Pork & Brew last month and just had a chance to try it on some smoked pulled pork I did over the weekend. I’m looking to order LOTS more from Bodine soon as I can get it arranged. This is serious good stuff. I have to agree with one of the above reviews, “as long as it tastes good”. I spend the week trying to eat PC, but the weekend is my cooking time and I want good stuff. This is GOOD STUFF!

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