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Review: A Woman’s Scorn Hot Pepper BBQ Sauce XXXX


Posted September 13, 2007 by

I love barbecue. And BBQ. And Bar-B-Que. And however else you want to spell it. In fact, I love BBQ sauce almost as much as I love hot sauce. I’ll take any chance I get to combine the two. And this bottle of A Woman’s Scorn BBQ Sauce seems like a great opportunity.

A Women's Scorn Hot Pepper BBQ Sauce XXXXIngredients: Chocolate habanero puree (water, chocolate habanero peppers), tomato sauce (water, tomato paste, salt, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, garlic powder, spices), brown sugar (sugar, molasses), honey, vinegar, molasses, spices and coloring, Worcestershire sauce (vinegar, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, anchovies, water, onion, salt, garlic, tamarind extract, cloves, natural flavorings, chili pepper extract, hydrolyzed soy and corn protein) , soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, sodium benzoate: less then 1/10 of 1% as a preservative), liquid smoke(water, natural hickory smoke concentrate), salt, granulated garlic, lime juice (water, lime concentrate), and lemon juice (water, lemon concentrate).

That’s one heck of a list, but I don’t worry too much about ingredients. If something tastes good, then it tastes good. Why ruin the fun? I see chocolate habs as the first ingredient, and in my book that’s a great sign. Tasting the sauce straight out of the bottle was an experience. I gulped down a heaping spoonful and got a little more than I bargained for! This stuff isn’t kidding around! Rather than a BBQ sauce with some heat mixed in, A Woman’s Scorn is more like heat with some BBQ on the side! On the HSB scale this is an easy 8, maybe even higher depending on your tolerance.

I grilled some thick-cut hunks of pork over indirect heat, basting with the sauce for the last 10 minutes or so. The meat came off the grill hot, juicy, and looking oh-so delicious. I poured some extra BBQ on my plate and dug in. The first few bites were like grilled morsels from heaven. The sauce is sweet, with a bold flavor that you’re not going to miss. I tasted three dominate flavors: habaneros, brown sugar, and Worcestershire (in that order). But by the third bite, the heat kicked in. After that the morsels seemed more like scraps from hell. A Woman’s Scorn indeed! After a few more bites I was reaching for my drink, my eyes and nose a-waterin’. It was hot, but it tasted great.

Pork = yum.

The flavor, while I could still enjoy it, was amazing. A Woman’s Scorn is sweet, with a hint of smoke and that great habanero flavor. But I like to slather my food in BBQ sauce, and I just can’t do that with this one. So I’m torn. It’s a love-hate relationship: I love the taste and want more, but if I eat as much as I usually would I think my face will melt off. So, in conclusion, this is one amazingly good BBQ sauce with a very appropriate name!

Rick’s Test Kitchen
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    Troy and Justin, capsicum is capsicum, no matter what chile it comes from. The extracts are primarily from cayenne because they are the least expensive. Sort of like strip mining for coal. They go at it in the most abundant, least expensive and easiest way. Jim, chime in on this will you? He’s the source of most of my information.


    Sounds good to me. May have to get some.


    Nice review, it contained all the info needed.


    sounds good to me too. good review.


    Coincidently, I had some of this just last night on a marinaded pork roast. This review nailed it. This stuff is HOT – but really tasty.


    Well being that Chocolate habs are the first ingredient on the list. This sucker must be freakin’ spicy! 🙂 -Lars-


    is it me or is there anyone else who also thinks choc habs arent that hot. more like a 4 on the HSB scale.

    i do agree with the review, very nice to read and informative. not too wordy. well done young grasshopper.


    Wow, that made my mouth water. Nice review, sounds like one to try.


    Hey Kristi, anything new coming from you ladies at THT? 😀


    By the way, I love bbq, and that pic makes me want some right now, great review.


    Wonder if you need to refrigerate after opening since it has sodium benzoate?

    general, nothing is hot for you. Maybe I’ll send you some 16 million to sample. (16 million BPU’s that is) 🙂


    16 mill is 16 mill. doesnt matter what pepper it comes from. on another note, i am sure jim campbell has the answer to this….

    when Blair and Muso create the 16 mill, they create that from whatt type of pepper? if it is the red sav, now since the jolokia are out on the market, could they create it from them and be even hotter. just wondering?


    [Comment ID #111146 Quote]

    I think I can answer that one for you sir, at least as it applies to the refrigeration. The miniscule amount of sodium benzoate won’t stop or affect anything. It’s only listed as a constituent ingredient of an ingredient that itself is pretty far down the list, not 1/10th of 1% of the total sauce. I can’t do math (and will happily stand corrected) but if there’s as much as a 1/4 ounce of soy sauce in the bottle (doubtful), you’re only talking .00025


    [Comment ID #111150 Quote]

    General, Parker said BPU’s not SHU’s. Bell Pepper Units young man !!! Now go sit in the corner with the pointy hat on.


    [Comment ID #111142 Quote]

    Hey Buddah!
    We’re actually in the process of putting together something for Nick to post in the next two weeks or so. Keep your eyes peeled.


    Sounds great, does it involve pineapple by any chance? 😐


    [Comment ID #111167 Quote]

    If I told you I’d have to kill you 😉


    [Comment ID #111168 Quote]

    A threat to a mailman means nothin’ 😛


    “since the jolokia are out on the market, could they create it from them and be even hotter. just wondering?”
    16 mill is the pure chemical, it probably just wouldnt take as many peppers to make the same amount.

    nice review, makes me want some, i had some pappys moonshine madness and thats the best BBQ iv had so far ill definitly keep this in mind next time i buy BBQ


    wonder if Blair or Muso is reading this, he would offer some info. ?


    I wonder if the people at Rick’s Test Kitchen know about Scorned Woman Hot Sauce?!? -Lars-


    [Comment ID #111209 Quote]

    I was thinking the same thing…..

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