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Review: Carolina Pepper Sauce


Posted March 16, 2006 by

Carolina Pepper Sauce Label

Lazy Saturdays are made for eating BBQ – whether your in NYC, Tennessee or Southern California. What better day of the week is there to eat a platter of meat? You always have Sunday to digest!

After letting the wife sleep in, I convinced her to brave the freezing air and make the trek to the Chelsea area to give Dallas BBQ a whirl. Never mind my ulterior motive of reviewing Carolina Pepper Sauce.

There are several Dallas BBQ locations in NYC & they all claim to serve Texas BBQ. Now, having never eaten original Texas BBQ, I can’t rate how Dallas actually did. But the fact that the inside of their Chelsea location reminds me of a HomeTown Buffet sans buffet line does nothing for their review. And fortunately for them, I was there for research & reviewing.

Carolina Pepper SauceCarolina Pepper Sauce is made with: Tomatoes, Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Assorted Peppers, Salt & Natural Flavors.

This is what I like to call an SAS – a specific application sauce. It’s not a hot sauce nor a bbq sauce – it tiptoes the line between the two and the flavors a best observed and appreciated on certain foods. Thus the trip down to the Chelsea area for BBQ in the dead of winter.

I didn’t even bother to look at the menu (a paper mat on the table), I knew what I wanted. A pulled pork sandwich. Not an item I normally would order, I’m more of a rib man myself, but this sauce demanded the best vehicle I could order and a pulled pork sandwich was the golden ticket.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

When I said that Carolina Pepper Sauce was in between a hot sauce and a BBQ sauce – I meant it. It’s the consistency of a hot sauce with the flavor of a BBQ sauce – and the heat is somewhere in the middle of the two. The only downside to this sauce – the nipple on the top. While eating I had to rip it off so I could get a decent amount of sauce on the sandwich (decent to me is death to most). My pulled pork sandwich came pre-sauced but that didn’t stop me from doing it up real nice – I even took on the coleslaw and some of the wife’s chicken. While Dallas BBQ is not much to write home about, Carolina Pepper Sauce made it much, much better.

Go to BluesBBQ.net & get yourself a bottle of the SAS (Specific Application Sauce) for your next BBQ outing. You’ll find yourself dipping everything that isn’t tied down into Carolina Pepper Sauce – and don’t forget to tell Steve that the HSB sent you!

Steve Burnham
BluesBBQ, Inc.

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog



    Your plate of food doesnt look thrilling at all. I can tell its from a buffet.


    I like that, SAS, that should be official lingo for sauces.


    Sounds pretty tasty to me! I’ll add it to the list of those to try next

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