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Review: E.Z. Earl’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ Sauce


Posted July 21, 2006 by

Blazin' Hot stuffHello everyone from the eman’s!

For this round of tasting I am sampling some wonderful BBQ sauce by E.Z. Earl. For that anticipated first smell I was kind of surprised that nothing jumped out at me. It was a well blended smell. Kind of like a Bulls Eye mixed with Open Pit is what I think of. You immediately think to yourself that this is a very versatile sauce as it says on the label. I hate when you get a sauce that only tastes good on 1 thing.

So now wanting to try some I went for the ol’ sauce only taste. HELLO attention, the taste buds are alive!!! The smoking hot in the label is definitely right. I was expecting your run of the mill heat but it has quite a bite. It is a quick warm up.

Along with the nice and unexpected heat, it is quite the tasty sauce. I definitely could get hooked. Like the smell, the taste is well blended too. You can tell there are quite a bit of spices in this one and there is no one taste that really sticks out. There is a slight smokey flavor to it but nothing overpowering.


Blazin' Hot stuff

On a chicken finger it was quite good. I could definitely eat a plate full of these.

All in all, this is definitely a sauce that chiliheads will love. A great all-round BBQ sauce with a good heat to it.

Ingredients: Pure white vinegar, filtered water, diced tomatoes in juice, English-Style Worchester sauce(no anchovies), secret blend of 12 natural herbs and spices, Oregon Clover honey, concentrated lemon juice, x-hot horseradish, salt, natural hickory smoke, precooked food starch, hot chili extract, natural Xanthan (as stabilizer)

13.4oz bottle

Packaging: 7/10
Aroma: 8/10
Appearance: 7/10
Taste: 8/10
Heat: 7/10

E.Z.Earl’s Smokin-Hot Stuff
Branding Iron Foods
P.O. Box 582
Renton, WA 98057
425.306-7898, FAX: 425.251.0251





    This is absolutely hilarious. I actually know this guy. Me and the wife go to Montana every year (this year got screwed up), and Earl and his wife Nancy are 2 of our favorite horse riding partners. Both have hearts of gold.


    E.Z. Earl? Is this the return of Eazy-E (of NWA fame)? 🙂


    Good work eman! Nice info and review!


    Thanks for the words. It says Blazin’-Hot Stuff but it looks like the review was actually for the less hot Smokin’-Hot Stuff . DEFCON’s comments are funny. He was actually on the ranch lodge deck with me when the label pix was shot last year. Be advised – we offer small free samples for your people to taste-test if they would like. (see web site)

    Scott (Dragon835)

    Nice review Eman. I often get a craving for a good bottle of BBQ sauce. I will have to give them a try, I see they come in Smokin Hot and Blazin Hot.


    [Comment ID #45871 Quote]

    E.Z Give me call Monday. Somebody on here will give you My P#. Not aloud to talk about J.J anymore.


    [Comment ID #45918 Quote]

    C’mon now Bret…. You talk up Jungle Jims all you want! I think the place is GREAT!!! If you can’t promote your own place/product a little, who can???? Don’t let one or two people having a bad day change things around here:)


    [Comment ID #45871 Quote]

    Hi Earl, kinda sucked we couldn’t make it out to the ranch this year. I think you or Nancy talked to Maggie on the phone at the airport when we found out “In”-Continental Airlines screwed everything up. We’ll be out next year, I’ll supply the tequila and whiskey this time around. We’re sending the ranch a couple gallons of #2 to hold them over for a little while. Good luck with the sauces, my friend.


    [Comment ID #45960 Quote]

    #2????? What is that a boy scout camp 😀

    All set for tomorrow……


    Boy Scout Camp? Man, I’m gonna make you hurt tomorrow! 🙂


    Yeah all how,s it going?? I am about 2 hours from NJ had to stop for the night I am a little sleepy. See ya tomorrow or should I say later today….


    [Comment ID #45966 Quote]

    Glad to hear that MrFreeze. See you tomorrow.


    [Comment ID #45965 Quote]

    CAn’t wait! 😯


    [Comment ID #45966 Quote]

    Good to hear you made it MrFreeze, I’m leaving out in about half an hour to drive straight thru. See everyone there.


    I look forward to everyone trying this sauce. I’ve loved it for years and finally getting to share it with others is incredibly exciting. Mention that you heard of it here and we’ll bump you up on the free sample list. (no butt-kissing intended) We’ve been getting so many free sample requests that it’s hard to keep track of the true gourmet hot sauce lovers and this is who we want to make a priority. Can’t wait for you to try it!

    Thanks all,

    Mark – Son of E.Z. (and he’ll never let me forget it… lol)


    Morning all I am up and out the door. See you all soon. Hope the driving was OK— DK …..Watch for the 16oz Defcon #2 they are out…………..


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    Great… see in in a few hours!


    [Comment ID #45987 Quote]

    That’s a great offer – one I intend on taking you up on!



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    We had fun at the ranch with Blazin’-Hot Stuff!!! Made a few eyes bug out. Doc at Kickin’ Horse Saloon used it on his big annual 4th of July BBQ and iis now sevring it in his place. Missed you guys. See you next year. (What is P# and J.J’s? – this BLOG stuf is funny)


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    All I can say is wow, does that look and sound tasty. I love all BBQ sauces, and since I am in the business I love to try as many as possible. The wife said if I wanted to stard a BBQ sauce collection, she would quickly file for divorce. So I will collect hot sauce and buy BBQ sauce to eat and enfoy. I love the packaging of this one to.


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    Cheffy – wait till you taste it; Smokin’ or Blazin’ Check into the site for your free sample. Mention hotsauceblog.com Bret at Jungle Jim’s picked it up yesterday.

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